3 Advice Starting Mutual Fund: Important Notes

Short Advice Starting Mutual Fund: Important Notes – A few days ago, I discussed with my friend (oh ya still friend) about her plan to open investment. Previously I have talked a lot with her to learn a lot first, at least understand the many terms in investment in the mass media.

Investment For Beginners in Indonesia

Usually, I give an easy choice to learn to invest in Indonesia. That choice was also used when I learned various capital market terms. I recommend trying mutual funds, ORI state bonds, or investing in gold.

The Best Way to Learn About Investment in Indonesia and Totally 100% Free

I recommend an investment blog, Terus Belajar Saham. This blog has been around for a dozen years to help many beginners to intermediate start their investment activities.

One of the advantages of learning here is the neatly arranged curriculum. Another advantage is, of course, because all the premium material here is totally free.

Another thing is because the blog admin, Mr. Iyan, always lets us learn, not patronize, and not offer something that smells speculation. We learn to be investors who know how much risk we will bear.

In addition to adding to the experience of my friends, I recommend installing social media for stocks, namely StockBit. We can play a trial or just observe the stock market players who are dealing or discussing. That will enrich our knowledge.

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3 Smart Steps to Start Mutual Fund Investment by Ryan Filbert

My recommendation to Indonesian YouTubers I recommend looking at Ryan Filbert’s YouTube account. One of the long-time players in the investment world in Indonesia. Maybe he is also one flow with me, namely a long-term investor, hehe.

My Friend Choose For

Back to my friend. My friend finally decided to join the flow of mutual funds. This is based on the consideration that she still has a small amount of capital, but wants to learn quickly.

She chose Bareksa as her liaison platform with existing investment managers. Although I recommend Bibit.id because the UI/UX is better in my opinion. She also chose money market mutual funds to minimize risk, a non-urgent financial profile, and while learning more things in mutual funds.

Recommendations for Starting a Mutual Fund in General

For the first time, RDPU (Reksadana Pasar Uang) is the right choice cause I think you need to know and run learning for 1-3 month maybe, to know all about Mutual Fund.

The wise composition for RDPU or anything Mutual Fund in my opinion is finding the best investment manager (never cheat user, good integrity, etc).

The second is sometimes the bigger Total AUM (fund from the user) is good. Because so many people with their money believe in this investment manager, but sometimes not, and vice versa.

The third, finding a balanced portfolio from an investment manager. With big AUM, ideal expense ratio, and dominant increase value from year to year.

Conclusion for Starting Mutual Fund Investment in My Version

The most important thing about investing is that we know how much risk we are taking. We make investments, not speculation. We do calculations carefully, not make predictions without the foundation of anything.

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It also needs attention, whatever investment we make, it is wise to use “cold money”. The money that we will be willing to run out if the risk runs out because the investment occurs. It is highly recommended to have mitigation in the form of an emergency fund.

Choosing an investment manager from our high integrity fund management company is not an easy job. But mutual funds themselves are good fields of learning so we can share the risks involved.

After learning mutual funds in a certain period, for example, one year or several years without experiencing loss, then we will be better prepared to enter other forms of investment that are riskier, of course, with more significant potential. Apart from that, we have a better understanding of how the “market” works.

Already trying to enter the investment “market”? Do not hesitate to ask me, if there are things that are unclear~

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