Having Abilities Above The Average of Others

How do you improve yourself so that you can be above the average person? I experienced it myself and asked others about this. I experience the journey of life of others. Some people are consistently always foremost in any case, so also there are people who are rarely seen because they do not have anything special.

During college I conducted a simple survey and discussed it with other friends. Some of the keys to this success are actually things that we usually see but we often miss.

Make Progress Every Day To Increase Your Abilities

The first key is always to make progress every day. No matter how much or how little progress you make, keep on going, and doing something to increase your abilities. Once you stop, then your steps to start walking again will be more severe. Your passion will quickly disappear if you stop walking once. Don’t forget to make small wins every day so that you can maintain your spirit on this long journey.

Believe That Everyone Can Change

The second key is to believe that everyone can change. You now might not have any skills. But you might have the best writing skills tomorrow. This growth mindset is critical. You will keep going because you are sure tomorrow you will be a great person. You will continue to make the progress of the practice because you believe your present incompetence is only temporary. You can search for the material growth mindset.

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Manage Your Priorities Above Average

The third key is to manage your priorities. Do what you enjoy by exerting a lot of your energy. Do the things that you don’t like by putting in power that is worth the average power of others. Manage your priorities is vital because doing so, we enjoy getting extra strength along the way. While doing things that we don’t enjoy even though we consume energy, we have the responsibility to be done. You can watch the philosophy of time management here.

Repeat these words continuously

“Give lots of energy to the things you like. Give energy to the average value of others for things that you don’t like. Finish everything through.”

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