Pengantar Diskusi Cita-Cita Utopia dan Ideologi


Apa yang dimaksud dengan Ideologi? Apa yang dimaksud dengan Utopia? Mengapa dua kata ini sering dikait-kaitkan? Negasi apa yang memisahkan keduanya? Mengenal Karl Mannheim dan Magnum Opusnya, Ideology and Utopia Sebelum memahami keduanya, perlu diketahui bahwa pengantar diskusi tentang Utopia dan Ideologi ini mengambil referensi magnum opus dari Karl Mannheim, lewat

Having Abilities Above The Average of Others

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How do you improve yourself so that you can be above the average person? I experienced it myself and asked others about this. I experience the journey of life of others. Some people are consistently always foremost in any case, so also there are people who are rarely seen because

How to Love A Man Who Never You Met

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A story about a man whom I’ve never met, but whom I love a lot. He is someone who is extremely kind, someone who is incredibly generous, and compassionate. Even to the people who have mocked, or hurt, or insulted him. He is someone who championed the rights of women, of orphans, of the poor, in a time where no one bothered about them.