With the increasing of my age, something which never I know before comes to me much and much in amount. So many things in life I pass with never done. During my college all of the thing is hard to done, one and one first. I do many mistakes in college and I know I haven’t the opportunity to make my mistake to be correct again. I just walk and walk. I am not already to some big responsibility.

In love story for the example, I am not already to tell her about my feelings. All of the things in my mind should talk it is not the time to tell. But I do not know what the best time it is. I am afraid if I tell her about my feelings, its just broke our friend relationship before. I think at the time I choose if we have a long relationship than we have an awkward relationship.

In the other example, after I finished my student college association career (what can I called Kemahasiswan?). So many common things hooked me up. I lost my true desire. I lost my value. I lost my spirit.

Sometimes I think I haven’t many people to share with they honest my problems. With my denials, I hope other people not to know my problem. It just a new problem to people who I share my problems. But sometimes it’s so hard not to communicate with others to share our load in my mind.

I just say thank you for my friends who hear me at a hard moment. Without all of you maybe I am not clearing my vision again. Because people’s lives are like a normal but only their interpretation made beautiful.